Day of Delivery Reminders


The key to a successful first time delivery is to complete a few tasks prior to the delivery of your bed.


Preparations for Day of Delivery

    • An adult 18 years or older needs to be present to sign for the delivery.
    • Make sure you've registered your smart bed using either the Sleep Number® app or by visiting
    • Turn on Responsive Air® technology and other smart features in the Sleep Number app.
      • You will not be able to turn on Responsive Air without using the Sleep Number app.
    • Have your Wi-Fi network name and password ready prior to Home Delivery Arrival.
    • Wi-Fi Requirements:
      • 2.4 Ghz Band Wi-Fi network
      • Must be password protected
      • Wi-Fi password must be between 8 and 63 characters long.
    • If you did not purchase Sleep Number upholstered furniture, or an integrated base and frame, ensure an existing bed frame is set up.
    • Make sure the bed will fit your furniture by referring to our Mattress and Base Size Specifications.
    • If you ordered a FlexFit™ adjustable base, prepare for delivery by removing the slats from your bed frame prior to the technicians' arrival.
    • If you purchased furniture items from the Premium Collection, remove any existing headboard, sideboards and footboard from your bed.
    • For safety reasons, remove any breakables, weapons, or valuable items from your bedroom before Field Services Technicians arrive.
    • Secure pets and ensure a safe walking path and work area before Field Services Technicians arrive.
    • Remove all bedding (sheets, blankets, etc.) from your existing mattress, but keep your bed skirt handy.
    • NOTE: If you've purchased a FlexFit™ adjustable base and wish to use a bed skirt, Sleep Number® offers a Smart™ Skirt that is compatible.
      • Traditional bed skirts are not compatible with the adjustable base attachments.
    • If you purchased an optional remote, have it available on day of delivery.
    • Our Field Services Technicians will briefly inspect your mattress and sleep area due to occurrences of bed bugs nationwide.


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