Checklist: Getting ready for your delivery

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You deserve better sleep. That's why we're thrilled you decided to purchase a Sleep Number®bed.

To ensure a seamless delivery, and to make sure you're able to take full advantage of all the features of your new Sleep Number® smart bed, please review the following checklist of how to prepare for your delivery.


Log in on the SleepIQ® app or to track your order or view your delivery date.

1. Register your SleepIQ® account

Registering your SleepIQ® account before your delivery allows for a seamless installation and ensures you'll be able to control your bed and access your sleep data on the first night in your new bed. Our technicians will pair your new bed to your account during delivery.

2. Check your electrical outlet

All Sleep Number® beds must be near a grounded working electrical outlet so you can plug in and control the air pressure and position of your bed. Test a lamp or phone charger to make sure your outlet is working before our Home Delivery team arrives.

3. Prepare your bedroom and furniture

Read our list of mattress & base specifications.


If you ordered a FlexFit™ adjustable base measure your furniture before your bed arrives. 

If you are planning on attaching a headboard, review your order to make sure you purchased headboard brackets.

If you are replacing an existing bed frame, make sure the old frame is disassembled and removed from your room before your delivery technicians arrive.


Sleep Number technicians will not disassemble, assemble, drill holes  or modify your furniture in any way. Please make sure your furniture is set up or removed before our technicians arrive.

4. Know your Wi-Fi password

Make sure the person home for your delivery has your Wi-Fi password ready, so we can connect your bed to Wi-Fi. Review SleepIQ technology compatibility requirements for information on devices and networks that will work with your new bed.  

5. Be home for your delivery

We'll call or text you at the beginning of the day and when we're in route to your home. Make sure someone 18 or older is home to acknowledge and sign for delivery.

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