Understanding your SleepIQ® score

The SleepIQ app gives you a daily sleep score based on the quality and quantity of your sleep.

What’s a good score?

The score range is 10-100. We consider scores between 60-85 to be pretty great. Scores over 85 are extraordinary. Anything under 60 might mean your sleep needs a little attention. That said, when it comes to sleep, everyone is remarkably unique. Your score should always be interpreted by how you feel. If you’re feeling refreshed in the morning and have energy for your day, you’re probably at a good score for you.

What affects your SleepIQ score?

SleepIQ uses time in bed, movement, bed exits, heart rate and breaths to calculate daily score. SleepIQ uses your averages to help you understand what’s good for you.

Your Sleep:
The more restful your sleep, the higher your score. Restful sleep is green. Restless sleep is orange. Bed exits are red. Time to fall asleep is gray.  

Your Biometrics:
The more stable your heart rate and breaths, the higher your score. Daily biometrics that are higher or lower than your personal average can contribute to a lower score.

Your Goal:
The closer you are to your goal, the higher your score. That means sleeping more or less than your sleep goal can result in a lower score.

If you need to, you can adjust your sleep goal with the SleepIQ app. Open the Sleep tab, scroll down to My Sleep Goal, tap View Details, tap Adjust My Sleep Goal. Make sure to save your changes! You can always increase after you're consistently hitting your goal.  

Your Averages:
Your averages make your daily score more meaningful, because they give you a personalized point of comparison. After a couple weeks of sleeping in your bed, you’ll be well on your way to knowing your average score. A higher-than-average score indicates you’re sleeping well; a lower-than-average score indicates you could be sleeping better.

Improving Your Score

We know understanding your score is important to you, because you care about improving your score, and that's why improving your sleep is our favorite topic too! We could chat for hours...but, if we could only give one tip, it would be…Routines. 

We’ve noticed sleepers with the highest scores tend to have the most consistent routines. They go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Consistent routines are a byproduct of healthy commitments you make and keep. The SleepIQ app can help you start a new routine. See our article on Using Routines

Want to geek out with us and improve your sleep even more? Join the Sleep30 challenge by Sleep Number®. Your Sleep Number bed is magic, but your bed can’t do all the work after all.





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