How to Remove a Wi-Fi Network


Removing a Wi-Fi network requires you to access the SleepIQ Web portal - it cannot be done via the Sleep Number® app.

  • The bed must be online and set up to remove your Wi-Fi network through the SleepIQ website.
  • If your bed is offline, visit How to Get Your Bed Online.

Reasons you Might Need to Remove a Wi-Fi Network

  • You have incorrect network information saved.
  • You have a new network name or password and you're having trouble updating your router information.
  • You no longer want your bed online.


1. Open a web browser and go to


2. Enter your email and password, click Login.


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3. Choose your default bed and sleeper on this device, click DONE.


4. Go to the Settings Gear in the top right corner.


5. If you have multiple Sleep Number beds, you will need to select a bed to move into the Bed Settings menu.


6. Once the new page loads, click Change Wi-Fi (under Connectivity)


7. Once you identify the network you want to remove, click REMOVE next to it.

Note: if you are on a mobile device, the Additional Network information will show up below Change Wi-Fi (not beside).


8. Click X (top right) to cancel or OK to confirm your selection.



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