Using Sleep Number Foot Warming

Having your feet gently warmed before bed helps you fall asleep faster. We recommend setting up a smart bed routine for the most effortless experience. 


  • Allow 15-30 minutes for foot warming to heat up.
  • Blankets and a heavy comforter will help trap the heat.  
  • Avoid placing more than a mattress pad and fitted sheet over the top of the mattress. Additional layers may block the heat from transferring.
  • Control foot warming with the Sleep Number® app, remote or effortlessly with smart bed routines.

Set Up a Routine

  • With smart bed routines you can crawl into a bed that is ready to warm your feet. Read Using Routines to learn more.

Control Foot Warming with the Sleep Number app

  1. Open the Sleep Number app.
  2. Select Smart Bed.
  3. Scroll down to Foot Warming.
  4. Choose temperature setting.
  5. Set a timer.  

Control Foot Warming with your Remote

  1. Press the Left/Right button to choose the side of the bed you want to control.
  2. Press the Foot warming button to turn on/off or select your temperature setting.
  3. Once Foot warming is turned on you have the option to set a timer for foot warming. After you turn Foot warming on, press the Timer button and set the timer for 15 minutes up to 6 hours. If no timer is set, foot warming will turn off automatically after 2 hours.

Problem with Foot Warming App Message or Remote Error.

  1. Close the Sleep Number app or set the remote down.
  2. Unplug the bed bed. 
  3. Wait 60 seconds.
  4. Plug back in.
  5. Wait 1 minute for the bed to reboot.
  6. If using a remote, remove and re-insert the batteries to clear the error.
  7. Test controlling foot warming again.
  8. If the error persists, please contact us for support.

Foot Warming Doesn't Get Warm at all

Things to try:

  1. Check to make sure your bed is plugged in. The power cord is located at the head of your bed.
  2. Try switching to a different screen in the Sleep Number app and returning to the smart bed tab.
  3. Make sure foot warming is connected to your bed. Check the gray or black cable under your bed next to your air hose connections located on both sides of the bed.





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