Sleep Number 360® Foot Warming Pad Installation Guide

What you will need:

  • White air chamber caps (typically stored in your smart bed, base or provided during delivery). If you do not have white air chamber caps, order them online or visit a Sleep Number store near you.
  • Replacement foot warming heating pad(s)
  • Sleep Number® app or 360 remote
  • Four to eight towels to place between magnets.
  • Two people are required to complete installation.

How to install your foot warming heating pad(s)

  1. Start with your bed in a flat position and remove all bedding.
  2. Unplug your bed from the wall outlet or power strip.
  3. Disconnect smart bed.
    • Detach the magnets connecting the smart bed and FlexFit™ adjustable smart base.
      1. Use your thumbs to push up on the edge of the magnets to disconnect from base. Fold towels into thirds and place towels between magnets to break connection.
      2. Note: Magnets are found at each corner of the foot of the smart bed and each side near the hip. Split King and California King size also have magnets in the center of the smart bed.
    • Disconnect the hose and cap air chamber using the white air chamber caps.
      1. Push in the tab and gently pull to disconnect the hose. Cap off quickly to minimize the loss of air.
      2. Note: You may hear air releasing from the air chamber(s).
    • Disconnect foot warming wire connector.
      1. Press down on the latch at the top of the connection and gently pull.
    • Repeat on the other side of the smart bed.
  4. Replace foot warming heating pad(s).
    • Access foot warming heating pad(s).
      1. Unzip the mattress cover. Roll cover up to access the foot warming heating pad(s) at the foot of the bed.
      2. Carefully roll up the white fabric sheet-like material to access foam and foot warming heating pad(s).
    • Remove foot warming heating pad(s). Important: The foot warming envelope(s) are attached to the foam. Do not remove envelope(s) from the foam.
      1. Gently fold the foot warming heating pad into thirds so the pad will fit through the envelope opening.
    • Install new foot warming pad(s). Important: The foot warming heating pad must be installed with the label side up.
      1. Gently fold the foot warming heating pad into thirds to fit into the envelope opening.
      2. Make sure foot warming heating pad is flat and spread out evenly inside envelope.
      3. Route foot warming wire down the side of the foam toward the hip and put wire through opening in mattress cover.
    • Repeat on the other side of the smart bed.
  5. Assemble smart bed.
    • Roll white fabric back down and completely cover the sides and bottom of the foam walls.
    • Roll cover back over sleep surface. Align cover corners with foam comfort system corners.
    • The fabric flap attached at the zipper must be positioned under the foam/air chambers and remain flat during zipping.
      • WARNING: To ensure compliance with federal and state flammability requirements, the fabric flap must be positioned correctly within the smart bed.
    • Zip mattress cover closed. Pull mattress cover tight while zipping.
  6. Reconnect smart bed.
    • Remove cap from air chamber and connect the hose. Push until you hear or feel them click into place.
    • For foot warming connections: Your smart bed must bed unplugged before reconnecting wires.
    • Repeat on the other side of the smart bed.
    • Center the smart bed over the magnets and remove towels.
  7. Plug in your smart bed.
  8. Use your Sleep Number app or 360 remote to turn on foot warming one side at a time.
  9. Adjust your Sleep Number® setting on each side of the bed.
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