Troubleshooting E4 Connectivity Error


  • E4 errors usually occurs when there is an issue communicating with the Sleep Number smart bed.
  • This error will remain on the remote until it is cleared, even if the connection issues has been resolved.
  • This process is for Sleep Number 360® smart beds and older models. This does not apply to Sleep Number® smart beds.

How can I tell if my bed is a 360 smart bed?

360 smart beds: If you have an integrated base or Sleep Number 360 smart bed with FlexFit

smart adjustable base, the pump is housed inside the base. The hoses detach from the pump and the mattress. Mattress hose connections are located at the side of the bed.

All other beds: The hoses do not detach from the pump. Mattress hose connections are located at the head of the bed.

Resolving E4 Errors for...

Sleep Number 360® Smart Beds Traditional Sleep Number Beds


Resolving E4 Remote Error for Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds

360 smart bed integrated base 360 smart bed FlexFitbase No base

  1. Make sure the power cord located at the head of the bed is firmly connected to the base.


  2. Make sure the power cord is firmly connected to the pump, located inside the compartment in your base. The pump lights will be on when receiving power.


  3. Try unplugging your bed for 30 seconds and plugging it back in.
  4. Try taking the batteries out of the remote and putting them back in to clear a frozen remote.
    • Insert new batteries if the low battery indicator icon is present on the top of the remote screen or if your remote will no longer turn on.


Resolving E4 Remote Error for Traditional Sleep Number Beds

Prior to beginning troubleshooting, check the LEDs on your pump. The 3rd light on the pump indicates the connectivity status of the pump.

  • If the 3rd LED is blinking or solid: the error has been resolved. Remove the batteries from the remote and re-insert the batteries to clear the error.
  • If the 3rd LED is off: This means that there is a connectivity error.


  • Remove the batteries from the remote set aside.
  • Power Cycle the pump by:
    1. Unplug the pump from the wall / surge strip.
    2. Locate the processor on the pump, under the bed.
    3. Lift the door on the processor (the door is located above the hoses and swings up and out.)
    4. Lift and pull tab to remove processor.
    5. Re-insert the processor making sure it is firmly in place.
    6. Close the door and plug the pump back in to the power outlet.
    7. Re-insert the batteries and wait for the 3rd light to stop blinking before testing remote.
      • The pump will take approximately 60 seconds to reboot.
    8. If the same message appears, power cycle up to 2 additional times.
    9. If you are still experiencing an E4 error, complete a factory reset.


If these steps do not resolve the error, please contact Sleep Number for assistance.

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