Mattress sliding on base

Sleep Number mattresses are lightweight by design, which may cause slight shifting on top of your base. It's normal to need to slide your mattress back into place about as often as you would change your bedding. See these additional troubleshooting tips to help minimize or correct sliding.  

Traditional Sleep Number Bed

Modular Base

  • Make sure that the base coverlet is right-side out and securely in place. The coverlet is designed to minimize surface sliding.
  • If this does not resolve the issue, try placing rug grip material on the four corners underneath your mattress to help prevent the mattress from sliding on the base.
  • Adding a headboard and footboard to your modular base is another option to consider. You can also purchase compatible legs, headboard & footboard brackets online, at your local Sleep Number® store or over the phone with Customer Service.

Traditional FlexFit™ Base

  • Your mattress is bolted to the base. Check the bolt attachments to make sure they are 
  • To access and tighten the bolts, unzip your mattress. Remove the air chambers and any base pad.
  • If you notice the bolts are stripped, please contact us to order a replacement set.
  • If your cover is torn, please contact us to order a replacement cover.

Sleep Number Smart Bed

Applies to: All Sleep Number Smart Beds

Integrated Base

  • The upholstered material on the surface of your base is designed to minimize sliding. If your mattress is sliding over time, we recommend placing your mattress and base inside furniture that will help keep the mattress in place. 

FlexFit™ Smart Base

  • Your mattress attaches to your FlexFit™ base with either magnets or straps. If your mattress is sliding off the foot of the base or two or more inches on either side, please check the attachments under the mattress.
  • Push the mattress back onto the base to re-align. Lift the corners to make sure the attachments are secure.
  • Your FlexFit™ base will always be about 1-2 inches narrower than your mattress, so the base can fit into a standard bed frame. If you notice your mattress is hanging off the base by more than two inches after adjusting and re-attaching magnets or straps, please contact us for help.
  • Safety Warning: Magnets are extremely strong. Avoid pinching your hands when accessing magnet attachments.
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