Mattress Looks Misshapen

Sleep Number® smart beds are designed to conform to the body to eliminate pressure points. When you sleep on a Sleep Number smart bed, the body displaces the air in the air chamber. This can leave an impression where you sleep when the bed is set to a lower Sleep Number® setting. Here are a couple of things that can help make the surface of your mattress look even when no one is in the bed.

Set your Sleep Number setting to 100

Make sure no one is lying on the bed and set the Sleep Number setting for the misshapen side of the bed to the highest setting of 100. After the mattress has fully adjusted, see if the surface appears even. If it does, the uneven appearance is likely due to the fact that the mattress is not full when at a lower Sleep Number setting. This is easily addressed by changing your Sleep Number setting to 100 when you are not in bed.

New Mattress

A newer mattress can take time to fill out. This is normal. Allow a couple of days for the foam inside your mattress to expand. Filling your bed to its fullest setting can help fill out the corners and surface when you are not sleeping in the bed. 


For a Sleep Number 360® smart bed, we recommend turning on Responsive Air®, so your bed can fill automatically after you and your sleeping partner get out of bed for the day. Read more about the benefits of Responsive Air technology to understand how Responsive Air adjusts to you.


Fluff your mattress cover

Some Sleep Number smart beds have a pillow top mattress cover. Over time, the fill inside your mattress cover will become compressed just like a pillow or a mattress topper. If you’ve had your bed for a while and this is the case, unzip and remove the top of your mattress cover and fluff the fill material by vigorously shaking it like you would a down comforter.


We do not recommend this if you have a memory foam bed or a Sleep Number 360 smart bed, as these mattresses do not have foam or fiber fill in their covers. Smoothing your hand over the bed when it is fully inflated to Sleep Number setting 100 should resolve any unevenness you might be noticing.

Still uneven?

If these steps did not improve the surface appearance, please contact us so that we can provide a quote for a replacement cover.


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