Foam Side And End Wall Troubleshooting

The sidewalls in your Traditional Sleep Number® bed provide support and create the shape of your mattress. If part your sidewall becomes misshapen or broken down you may lose some of this support.  Please follow this guide to check your sidewalls for damage or wear.

Before You Begin

  • Remove all bedding from you mattress.
  • Set both sides of your bed to 100 while not in the bed.


1. Open your mattress cover.

  • Locate the zipper at the head of your bed and completely unzip. If the bed is a Duvet-style and has two zippers, unzip the top zipper.
  • Remove the top panel of the mattress cover and set it aside.


2. Check the firmness of your foam side and end walls.

  • Remove the foam side or end wall and carefully inspect it for tears, rips, or other damage.
  • Squeeze one end of the foam wall between your hands, then squeeze several spots near the center of the foam wall.
  • If the center of the foam wall is softer, less supportive, or thinner than the end, the wall may need to be replaced.

If your foam side or end wall is damaged or has lost firmness, contact us with the results of your troubleshooting for further assistance.

To purchase a Traditional Foam Wall Kit outside of your warranty visit to purchase online.

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