Error codes: E13 (SleepIQ server error)

  • The E13 error code indicates that your bed is not online and connected to the SleepIQ® server. 

  • You may see the E13 code if your SleepIQ® system hasn’t been set up or if you have recently made changes to your home Wi-Fi network, such as changing your Wi-Fi network security setting, network name or network password.

  • The E13 error can also pop up during remote set up. It’s OK to press “Continue” to bypass the error and finish setting up your SleepIQ® system after finishing your remote setup. 

  • If you have not yet set up your SleepIQ® account, please read how to.

  • If your SleepIQ® system was already set up but your bed is offline, please follow How to get your bed online.

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