Favorite Button Adhesive Patch Replacement

Applies to: FlexFit™ 1, 2, 3 smart adjustable bases and Climate360®

Parts needed

  • Adhesive patch (you may have received a 3-pack)


  1. Unplug the base power cord from the outlet.
  2. Remove the yellow backer of the adhesive patch, exposing a layer of adhesive.
    Adhesive Patch.png
  3. Place the exposed adhesive on the back of the favorite button.
    • Note: The new adhesive can be applied directly over the existing adhesive.
      Back of favorite button.png
  4. Using the tab on the adhesive patch, carefully peel back the brown backer, making sure it separates from the new adhesive.
    • Note: The adhesive is clear.
  5. Ensure arrows on the button are pointing up and down and the colored wires are curved upwards. Carefully situate the button into the button slot.
    Favorite button up and down.jpg
  6. Apply pressure to the button for 5 seconds to allow the adhesive to attach.
  7. Plug the base power cord back into the wall.
  8. Ensure bed is clear of obstructions, press favorite button to test function.
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