How to install FlexFit base riser legs

Applies To: Traditional FlexFit, FlexFit +, and FlexFit 1, 2, and 3 models. Excludes 360 FlexFit™ Adjustable Smart Bases. 

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Your base comes with removable legs. Heights vary based on what model you have and when you made your purchase. If you need to adjust the height of your bed, please contact customer service to order different height legs. See Furniture Fit Guide for full list of options.  

Before You Start

  • We recommend 2 people for this job.
  • King size leg kits come with 8 legs. Queen and smaller kits come with 4 legs.
  • If you have a King or California King size bed, your base has bed straps attached to the inside legs. These keep each side from separating. Read Install Bed Straps on Your FlexFit Adjustable Base while swapping the legs.


  1. Push bed away from wall.
  2. Person 1 slightly lift base near the leg you are swapping out.
  3. Person 2 unscrews the leg and removes the original leg.
  4. Person 2 screws in the replacement leg.
  5. Complete these steps for each leg until all legs are replaced.
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