Troubleshooting Your Sleep Number FlexFit™ Smart Base

Applies to: All Sleep Number smart bases. For all other Sleep Number adjustable bases, please refer to Troubleshooting my FlexFit Adjustable Base.


Sleep Number FlexFit smart bases have a Sleep Number Favorite button on the sides of the base. All electronics are located inside the base.


Troubleshooting Your Sleep Number® smart bed

  1. Set down your remote or close the Sleep Number® app to troubleshoot.
  2. Check to see if the base is catching on any furniture. 
  3. Press the Favorite button on the side of the bed and check the color of the button.
  4. The Favorite Button on a 360® smart bed should light up blue when pressed. Follow troubleshooting if the light is orange or any other color.
  5. The button on a Sleep Number® smart bed will light up according to the following:
    • Blue (flashing): While in pairing mode.
    • Orange: While the base is moving or when the button is pressed (even if the base does not move.)
    • Purple: During initial or following a power up.
      • The Favorite Button will be purple when it requires "homing" or returning to flat that could be caused by any of the following:
        1. The base was not configured properly and will not know where 'home' or flat is.
        2. There is a motion error that requires homing (not a pinch or current error).
  6.  If you're using the Sleep Number app, make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your device settings and the Sleep Number app has permission to connect to your device via Bluetooth.
  7. If you're experiencing frequent or intermittent app errors or E1 or E3 remote connectivity errors while your base is getting power your bed most likely needs a software update.
  8. We recommend getting your bed online.
  9. Once online the lights on the pump will flash while downloading a software update. This usually takes around 10 minutes. Make sure not to unplug your base during this sequence.
  10. Getting your bed online gives you access to all the smart features and benefits of your bed. You can choose to turn on privacy mode any time you want to pause data recording or remove your Wi-Fi network if you want your bed disconnected from Wi-Fi altogether.
  11. Try adjusting your base again with the Sleep Number app or your remote.

Troubleshooting Your Climate360 or Sleep Number FlexFit™ smart base

  1. Raise the foot of your bed to its highest point using your remote or app to gain access to the pump.
  2. The pump is on the sleeper left side of the bed. Check to make sure the pumps connections are tight.
  3. Physically inspect all connection points including the power, wire harness and air hose connections. Push in each connection firmly to ensure the connection is tight.
  4. Restart your bed through your Sleep Number app (or by unplugging the bed from power for 1 minute.)
  5. Once the bed is rebooted, navigate to the settings and support menu in your Sleep Number app and run a Quick System Test.
  6. Follow any recommendations that the app gives.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, you are experiencing or you are seeing the same error message, please call or chat with us online for additional support.

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