Troubleshooting My 360 Smart FlexFit™ Base

Applies to: 360 Smart FlexFit 1, 2, and 3 bases. For all other adjustable bases, please refer to Troubleshooting my FlexFit Adjustable Base.


360 smart FlexFit bases have a Sleep Number Favorite button on the sides of the base. All electronics are  housed inside the base.


1. Check to see if the base is catching on your furniture. 

2. Set down your remote or close the SleepIQ app.

3. Unplug the main power cord. Wait 20 seconds. Plug back in.  

4. While you're waiting, turn Bluetooth on in your mobile device settings if you are using the SleepIQ app to control your bed.

5. Try adjusting your base again with the SleepIQ app or your 360 remote.  

If these steps do not resolve the issue you are experiencing or you are seeing the same error message, please call or chat with us online for additional support. 

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